Volleyball Roster

Head Coach: Caleb Gilley

Name Position Height Number High School
Colby Crater Middle Hitter 6’0” 14 Forbush
Piper Draughon Outside HItter 5’9” 3 Mount Airy
Natalie Eaton Middle Hitter 5’10” 7 North Surry
Emma Garland RS/DS 5’7” 9 Surry Central
Adrienne Harris Outside Hitter 5’8” 10 Carroll County
Abbey Johnson Setter 5’7” 8 Starmount
Jenna Simpson Middle Hitter 6’0” 15 Surry Central
Nikita Sizemore Right Side Hitter 5’10” 11 Forbush
Hannah Williams RS/DS 5’7” 4 Mount Airy
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Surry Hosting 2020 Volleyball Camp

The Surry Community College volleyball team will hold a volleyball camp from Monday, July 20 until Thursday, July 23 at the Surry Community College gym on the Dobson campus.

The latest camp and registration information can found on the camp details page.